Shen Ruoxue said goodbye quietly with still intent,The girls also said goodnight to Jingping one by one,And then left the ward together……


Everyone’s mood on the way home is still very good,Basically talking and laughing,Several people who know the inside story also cover up their emotions very well,Except for Shen Ruoxi, who is absent-minded,But although she is absent-minded,Didn’t say anything that shouldn’t be said。
If it’s another girl,If you have such a close blood relationship with Shen Ruoxi,Maybe I noticed Shen Ruoxi’s abnormality right now,But Ruoxue Shen has become heartless now,So she didn’t notice Shen Ruoxi’s abnormality at all。
But there is also a possibility:That’s because of the illness,Shen Ruoxue can’t be as smart as before,But the person who is worried is Qin Liang,He was afraid that Shen Ruoxi could not hold on,He knows how much torment Shen Ruoxi feels at the moment,He understands。
Come home,Everyone met Daochang Bai upstairs first,After talking to Daochang Bai for a while,,Everyone went where they should go,Back to bedroom back to bedroom,Back to the dorm,The princesses want to chat,The little girls are going to wash up and prepare for bed。
“Xiaoxue is not tired?”
Once back to the bedroom,Shen Ruoxi couldn’t help but asked Shen Ruoxue。
“How could i be tired?I won’t be tired if anyone is tired。”
Shen Ruoxue answered eagerly。
“Ha ha,She’s just a wind-up rabbit,Always full of energy,I guess all of us are tired and get down,She’s still jumping around。”
Qin Liang is afraid that what Shen Ruoxi will say next will reveal any flaws,So rushed to take over。
“Yes,I am Armed Gourmet Bunny!”
Shen Ruoxue has redefined her nickname。
“puff!Two more characters in the nickname!”
Qin Liang said dumbly。
“How?Xiaoxue has a new nickname again?”
Murongshan asked in surprise。