At this moment Annie stood up a little untimely,Said coldly and sarcastically:“You said so much about Chinese medicine,It’s too exaggerated,as far as I know,Many diseases can only be done by western medicine,But your Chinese doctors are helpless。”


“Oh?tell me the story。”Mo Xiaosheng saw Anne deliberately picking things up,Without the slightest timidity,Asked her。
“Your Chinese medicine doctors have very limited means to stop bleeding,Especially during first aid,If the aorta ruptures,Do not seek a western doctor to suture the wound and transfusion,But to find your Chinese medicine doctor,Then this patient is basically dead,am I right?”
Annie has a hard tone,Very provocative。
Hearing that a group of enthusiastic students suddenly fell silent,Lost heart,Yes,If the aorta is cut and bleeding,There is really no solution in Chinese medicine。
First0094Tooth extraction
“Who says Chinese medicine can’t stop bleeding?”Mo Xiaosheng smiled faintly,Look at Annie and say:“Compared with your western doctor,Chinese medicine is faster to stop bleeding,And the effect is better。”
“Nonsense,as far as I know,Although your Chinese medicine has no side effects,But the effect is slow,Slow to take effect,Wait till it works,The patient had lost too much blood and died。”
Annie said coldly,The eyes are full of irony,joke,Do you really think she doesn’t understand at all,Before coming,She also did some homework。
“You’re right,The medication really works slowly,But you forgot,We still have acupuncture?”Mo Xiaosheng smiled,Quite proud,“Through acupuncture,We can effectively stop the bleeding of the patient in a very short time,Then dress up with hemostatic drugs,The effect is remarkable。”
Hearing that a group of students suddenly regained their spirits,Surprised,They didn’t expect that acupuncture can also be used to stop bleeding。
“Mr. Mo,You are just talking nonsense,Do you really think we don’t know acupuncture??”
At this time a foreigner with a beard stood up,“to be honest,Mr. Mo,I have also studied acupuncture with a famous acupuncturist in China,He never told me,Acupuncture can stop bleeding。”
“I don’t know if this famous master you studied?”Mo Xiaosheng looked at him and wondered。
“Master Shang Quanhua,You learn Chinese medicine,I should have heard it?”Self-channel。
“Oh,It turned out to be Master Shang Quanhua,Master Shang’s acupuncture skills have indeed reached a very high level。”Mo Xiaosheng nodded,When he chatted with Liang Lao,Heard of this person。
“how,You admit now that you are lying?”The beard is a little proud。