And the horse that was tied outside the yurt is gone……


”Where did this guy go?Why did you leave me here alone??“
Liu Rushi became uneasy。
After going back to the yurt for a few laps,Liu Rushi is getting more and more disturbed,She started to take out her phone,Ready to call Qin Liang。
Just about to start dialing,She suddenly heard the faint sound of horseshoes,So she immediately got out of the yurt,Follow the direction from the sound of horseshoes,Sure enough, Qin Liang was galloping over on a horse……
”I am back,Poem。“
In a blink of an eye,Qin Liang arrived in front of the yurt,He strangled the horse,Bian’er and Liu Rushi greeted loudly,Jump off the horse。
”Where did you go?“
When I saw Qin Liang,Liu Rushi was unhappy at first,Disappeared without a trace in an instant。
”give,Poem,This is the flower I specially ran out to pick you back。“
Qin Liang walked to Liu Rushi,Handed a huge bouquet of wild flowers to her,Above those flowers,Many with dew,Obviously it was just picked。
”Yeah!So you ran out to gather flowers for me……“