To know,Zhang Yousi’s master is an expert,Since his brother came to help,Then everything is much easier!


After speaking, he turned around and patted Xiao Jin, who was full of depression,Smiled,“Old Xiao,Do not worry,Mo Zizhen’s seat will be you sooner or later!”
“hope so……”Xiao Jin couldn’t help but nodded slightly,to be frank,He regrets,Regretting being challenged by the Zhang brothers,To challenge the authority of Mo Zizhen,But now it’s over,Regret is no longer useful,I can only bite the bullet and walk on。
By the way, Mo Xiaosheng and Mo Zizhen left after a short time in the Darkthorn Brigade,Because the troops are busy training,And Zhao Yonggang has to go to the city for a meeting,So Mo Zizhen didn’t feel embarrassed to continue disturbing them。
On the way, Mo Zizhen suddenly received a call from Mr. Mo,Tell him to go home for lunch,Mo Zizhen didn’t dare to agree,After all, his daily recipes and herbs are fixed,Zhao Zhong, deputy dean of the General Hospital of the Military Region, has been staring very hard,Usually don’t let him eat out at all!
hang up the phone,Mo Zizhen smiled at Lin Yu:“Mr. Mo,Can you come home with me for dinner at noon?”
“I won’t go,Mo Erye,Go back by yourself!”Mo Xiaosheng smiled,“But you have to pay attention,Eat a light diet,Avoid tobacco and alcohol!”
“This one,I can’t go back by myself,I am now under the control of old Zhao,He looks so strict,I wanted to go back several times before,He won’t let it!”Mo Zizhen said helplessly,The captain of his dignified dark thorn brigade,He has always been in charge of others,But it’s fine to go to the hospital,Everywhere under the control of others……
“Let me help you talk to Dean Zhao!”
Mo Xiaosheng called Zhao Zhong,After all actually,He is Mo Zizhen’s attending doctor,So it’s okay for him to ask for leave。
After the call,Although Zhao Zhong agreed,But the condition is that Mo Xiaosheng must follow,Because he is worried about Mo Zizhen,Fear of Mo Zizhen secretly drinking or eating indiscriminately,Cause other serious consequences,So if Mo Xiaosheng doesn’t go,He can’t agree。
“Mr. Mo,Let’s go together,How can we say that we were a family hundreds of years ago?!”Mo Zizhen said with a smile。
Mo Xiaosheng nodded,Agreed,Mo Zizhen quickly asked Li Changming to change course,Rush home。
But Mingcheng didn’t follow,Get off the car early and return to the hospital。
Mo Xiaosheng came to the place where Mo Qingwu and his wife lived,He still remembers the last time Mo Yanyan was bitten by a snake,The yard is full of colorful chrysanthemums,And now the entire yard is leveled,No plants,Obviously, after Mo Yanyan was bitten last time, there were sequelae.,No more flowers。
Mo Zizhen looked very excited after getting off the car,After all, this is the first time he has returned to his parents’ home since he returned to Beijing from the injury.,It was also the first time he saw his mother。
Because today is a family gathering,So Mo Ziqin、Sisters Mo Ziheng and Mo Shan Mo Miao are all here,And of course their respective children,The whole yard is very lively。
“Damn,Second child is back!”A group of people were surprised after seeing Mo Zizhen,Hurriedly greeted。