Song Min is a little embarrassed,She didn’t expect that because of her sentimentality,Actually gave Shen Ruoxi“pit”Up,This is really not intentional!But what Murongshan and Chen Hao said just now,She listened carefully,Not only listened,And I’m thinking again and again。


“It’s useless to know it on bare mouth,Is implementation in action??”
Murongshan stunned Shen Ruoxi in a second。
Shen Ruoxi replied,Even Chen Hao and Murong Shan and the others have targeted themselves,She won’t be afraid。
“Something,It may be difficult for you alone,But for the five of us,It might be easy。”
Chen Hao said another important sentence。
“Yes,you’re right,You guys are right,I will reflect on myself,Really,I swear!”
Shen Ruoxi said solemnly to everyone in a very sincere tone……
Eaten,Of course the next step is to continue shopping。
Zhou Meili looked reluctant to follow everyone,When she went to pay the bill just now,I realized that Qin Liang had taken advantage of this“Go to the bathroom”The opportunity to settle the account。
For us ordinary people,Someone rushing to pay for the dinner is definitely a delightful thing,But for people like Zhou Meili and others, that’s not the case.,Because they are a group of honor,People whose dignity and face are more important than life!
And they are not short of money,Dragon Soul Warrior“wage”Are all very high,Especially the Dragon Soul elite fighters who often go out alone to perform tasks,The reward is higher,So it’s a rare treat for them,It will not be any financial burden at all。
So in this situation,Face is especially important!
In fact, Zhou Meili will not complain if you think about it,Among this group of people,Except for Qin Liang, a man,All the rest are girls,How could Qin Liang not rush to pay the bill,Men need more face than women, right……
Just at this moment,The staff of the base called Qin Liang,It’s about asking Qin Liang and Yanzi to ask Murong Xiaoyao for credit.,And Qin Liang also easily brought up the matter of mobilizing Zhou Meili.。