But didn’t think much,Just attribute the mistake to Gu Qiao’s relatives。


after all,Empathy。
“It’s sister Luo?”Lu Ban asked。
Gu Qiao nodded,Expression a bit unnatural,Said:“I told her to buy something,I’m a bit worried if I can’t find it。”
“You threw me at work?”Ban Lu touched his nose。
Gu Qiao pursed his mouth and said nothing。
“It’s actually a taxi ride,No need to run again,Besides, you have to tell me that you are in Changsha,Wait until the evening recording is over,I can visit you。”Lu Ban said。
He didn’t want Gu Qiao to be criticized by Luo Yu because of this。
after awhile,
Gu Qiao suddenly jumped out:“I am……Want to surprise you……”
Ban Lu was taken aback,Turned his head to look at Gu Qiao,She is still driving the car intently,It’s just a little red cloud on the cheeks。
When we are approaching the designated location。