[Authentic practice of Northeast kohlrabi pickles]_How to do_How to do



[Authentic practice of Northeast kohlrabi pickles]_How to do_How to do

Rutabaga is a relatively common dish in real life. Rutabaga is rich in nutritional value, and regular consumption has certain benefits to the human body. There are many ways to do it, and pickling it is also a common practice. You can cut itAfter crushing, add edible salt and other ingredients for marinating and eat immediately. Marinated kohlrabi is very crisp and refreshing.

Method to prepare a kohlrabi ~~ The leaves should be tightly packed, heavy, and not too green.

Remove the old leaves, wash the surface, remove the protruding vegetables and cut into small pieces, the cut leaves should not be too small, about 4CM long to complete the leaves, the remaining hard part, cut into thin slices

The thin slices are then cut into shreds, so that the dish is not easy to marinate.

The chopped kohlrabi is put into a large pot and set aside.

Put salt in the bowl carefully and knead while mixing to make the dish taste delicious.

Knead the turnips until the leaves are watery and soft. At this time, the cabbage tastes salty but not heavy.

Add sugar to the pot.

Add fine chili noodles to the pot.

Add thick pepper noodles to the pot (you can add two kinds of pepper noodles, the amount is according to your taste, garlic is mashed with garlic, ginger is made into ginger, and the amount of ginger is about 1/2 of the garlic.

Mix vegetable leaves, add garlic, ginger, and stir well.

Add carbonated vinegar or white vinegar to the pot.

Finally, stir all the spices evenly (you can try it again and adjust it slightly according to your own taste).

Put the mixed kohlrabi in the fresh-keeping box, press it tightly, and then pour the soup from the pot into the fresh-keeping box.

Cover with solids and ferment at room temperature overnight.

In fact, you can eat it after mixing, but it will taste better after fermentation