If only she was there,Because the other party is a doctor,Maybe,probably,may……She will show him,But now with my own two sisters and one sister present,How could she let a male doctor see her chest?!That’s not a shame!


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Chapter Eighty Eight Torture a confession
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“what did you say?”
The male doctor is stupid,Probably he did not expect that his patient would categorically refuse to monitor her injuries.。
“I say no!”
Liu Xiaoyun decisively repeated what she said just now。
“I am a doctor!”
The male doctor reiterated his identity again。
“You are a male!”
Liu Xiaoyun did not back down。
“Sorry……Can a female doctor come??She is a little girl,This one……Not suitable……”
Murong Shan was embarrassed when she saw the scene,“Come forward”Said。