Even guessed,They were caught,Which is tricky,He dare not say anything now。


The butler had no choice but to nod his head unwillingly:“As long as the lady can let us go,Open one eye and close one eye,The minion is willing to listen to the lady’s dispatch。”
Sang Qingrou smiled with satisfaction:“It’s not about sending,just,I really have a little thing these few days,I don’t understand why,Want the butler to help me out。As long as you answer my question truthfully,Things tonight,I promise no one else will know。”
The housekeeper and Hong Luo looked at each other,Knowing they have no other choice now,Had to agree。
“do not know,What does miss want to ask。”
Sang Qingrou lightly smiled:“Actually it’s nothing big,I just want to ask,recent,I was watched by my father twice in a row,Who mean。the first time,I slipped out and got caught,the second time,In the middle of the night,It’s the housekeeper, you ran to my Xiyuan with the old lady!Tell me,Who made you do this?”
The butler immediately changed his face,He didn’t expect it,Sang Qingrou will ask about this。
“This……The minion doesn’t know what the lady is talking about,That night,It was a minion who saw it with his own eyes。The minion told the old lady,In fact, I am worried about the safety of the masters in the palace,Please miss it。”
“It’s touching,Unfortunately,These words you said,I don’t believe a word。Steward Chen,Don’t think i don’t know anything,Who asked you to do this?Speak!While there is no one else,Tell the truth,I won’t let others know。”
Butler bowed his head,No longer look at Sang Qingrou,It seems that I am not going to tell the truth。
Sang Qingrou is not in a hurry,Looked at Hong Luo next to him。
“At the age of Fanghua Zhengmao,I really don’t understand,Why would you follow a man so much older than yourself。Don’t tell me,You really fell in love with Steward Chen?Take a look for yourself,This old man,Enough to be your father,What do you think of him?”
Hong Luo flushed,Sang Qingrou pinched her chin,She was ashamed to answer Sang Qingrou’s question。
Is there any woman willing to follow an old man without a name,Of course she has her own unavoidable difficulties。
“Prefer not to say?”Sang Qingrou looked at her,Sighed:“You could choose a man you like,Now becomes like this,after,Can you still marry?Think about it,If this matter is made public today,You can still be a man?Everyone knows that you are fighting with the housekeeper,Even if Madam leaves you with life,Drive you out,after,What do you do?Have you thought about this?”
Hong Luo looked at Sang Qingrou,A trace of panic flashed in my eyes。Sang Qingrou understands,She still cares about her family。