“No。How did you know?”


“I have clairvoyance,Just don’t have long wind ears。”
Ding Yi doesn’t ask anymore,She knows that she can’t ask anything。
Jiang Fan said:“Changyi,There is one thing you have not mastered,Ren Xiaoliang sent crabs to that house。”
“This one,Don’t know。”Peng Changyi shook his head and said。
Ding Yi felt their conversation was very secretive,I won’t interrupt anymore。
“It’s just that the crab made Xiaoding eat a lot,Haha。”
Peng Changyi laughed too,Said:“Our secretary must not know the past and present of this house。”
“This is certain。”
“correct,Xiaoding,Did your colleague say who owns this house??”
“said,It’s brother’s。”