“I have a hasty!What are you talking about!What a mess!I don’t have any evil thoughts!From now on, the two thousand beautiful girls will be swallows’ guards,Is led by Yanzi,Nothing to do with me,That’s Yanzi’s harem, two thousand beauties,not mine!We have to make it clear!”


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Chapter two thousand four hundred and ninety one You want to have it
Qin Liang’s head suddenly became bigger!Murong Shan said this in front of Shen Ruoxi,Isn’t this the rhythm of pitting yourself to death?!If this is not clear,I can’t live with Shen Ruoxi from now on……Moreover,Even if Qin Liang really has two thousand beauties in this harem“dream”,Then you can’t say it so openly!/p>
After Qin Liang said these words,First carefully observed the expression on Shen Ruoxi’s face……This is also typical of his guilty conscience.!If he is not guilty, he doesn’t need to peek at Shen Ruoxi’s face first!/p>
Fortunately, Shen Ruoxi’s face is very calm,I can’t see any unhappy,It should be what Qin Liang said to Murong Shan in a serious manner just now,Played a decisive role,otherwise,It is estimated that this Qin Liang will really make Murong Shan accidentally killed!/p>
“But it’s useless for the swallow to ask for two thousand harem beauties!”/p>
It is estimated that Murong Shan had just flooded his mind a minute ago,She is still digging Qin Liang for this pit……/p>
“Whether she is useful is her business,has nothing to do with me!Can you stop pulling these two thousand beautiful girls on me??Want to kill me, right?It’s because Ruoxi has been listening here,otherwise,I’m afraid I will end up unclearly after jumping into the Yellow River!”/p>
Qin Liang said tangledly。/p>
“it does not matter,Even if Murongshan insists on digging this hole for you,With me,You won’t fall,Even if you accidentally fall,I will bring you up again,Don’t worry。”/p>
Shen Ruoxi smiled and comforted Qin Liang。/p>
“My wife,I feel more at ease with your words!It’s too dangerous to talk to Murong Shan now!Just dig a hole in front of you!It’s terrible!I have a hasty!”/p>
Qin Liang deliberately pretended to be frightened and said。/p>
“Don’t pretend to be so innocent,I just talk about it casually,You really take it seriously?You want to have two thousand beauties in the harem,Dream about you!cut。”/p>