“United States。But the U.S. visa is too difficult。”


“U.S. examsGREBar?”
“Yes。”He Pengfei took a sip of water,Said:“How is your English?”
“Ha ha,its me,A mess,I almost forgot,Our mayor is good at English,He often watches news on English programs。”Ding Yi is a little unnatural here,I’m afraid He Pengfei asks how do you know the news in English programs,
Fortunately, He Pengfei didn’t pay attention to these,He added water to Ding Yi and said:“I heard my cousin say that you haven’t been looking for someone,Just want to come back。”
Ding Yi said:“Nor is it,Just not suitable。”
“Ding Yi。”He Pengfei sits up straight,Seriously:“Let me introduce my own situation and my family situation,Maybe you don’t know much……”
Ding Yi said quickly:“No need to,Don’t be so formal。”Her nervous face turned red。
He Pengfei thought she was embarrassed,Just keep saying:“I am very simple,Simple experience,Love life is also simple,go to school,jobs,go to school,Work again。I have never been in love,It can be said that I have never been in a formal relationship,I always keep the way you were,So my cousin told me,I decided it must be you,She didn’t say too clearly on the phone,I don’t seem to know much about your family situation,Just saying that your father is a university professor,I won’t let my cousin go on,I have to find the answer by myself,really,After arriving in Kangzhou,Recognized you at first sight。”
Ding Yi has realized what he is going to say next,I really want to interrupt him,But I couldn’t find any fault。I had to listen to He Pengfei。
“Ding Yi,honestly,My personality has changed a lot after graduation,There are also girls who take the initiative,But really,After meeting a few girls,I found it was not what I wanted,Since my cousin told me about you,I daydream every day,I hope God will let me meet the Ding Yi in my heart,Not the other Ding Yi。Tell you you might not believe it,I really count the days,Cousin said to meet again in the New Year,I can’t wait for the new year?I called my cousin right after the exam that day,Request to meet。Ha ha,Am i naive?”
Ding Yi laughed exaggeratedly,Said:“How can I be so good。”
“Ding Yi,Although I have a lot of cheerful personality,But I am still not good at expressing my true feelings,Let me say this。”He Pengfei’s face is red too,But he still looked at Ding Yi firmly,Decided to say what was in my heart:“I did not forget you,Always like you in my heart,Since your brother punched me,I’ve been thinking,Why did he punch me,I must feel that I am not mature enough,Or not worthy of his trust,I think I’m too young and naive,and so,I have been working hard,Although I don’t know why I’m working hard。But hard work is better than no effort,Efforts can make oneself capable,and so,I dared to see you that day。”
Ding Yi smiled,Said“Do you still hate brother?”
“Not a grudge,I am not that narrow。It’s just that I think I’m going to work hard to pursue the girl in my mind。”He Pengfei said,Just reach out,Holding the hand of Ding Yizhuan teacup,He blushed and said:“Ding Yi,If you think i don’t hate it,If you think i’m ok,Be my girlfriend,I will pass my efforts,Give you happiness。”
Ding Yi’s face turned red,She quickly took out her hand,Said:“You don’t know me at all,It’s completely still the hazy impression of the ignorant period,how is this possible……”
“why?”He Pengfei’s eyes are also a little red。
Ding Yi’s heartbeat,She wants to tell him that she already has a sweetheart,But I can’t say it,Then he will tell Yue Sufen,Yue Sufen will definitely search for this person among people around Ding Yi,She just kept shaking her head,Said:“Pengfei,I am grateful for your love for me,but,I don’t want to think about personal matters now,Or……I don’t have the conditions to fall in love now,and so,I can not……”