then,The master answered himself with only one sentence“That person may not survive at most five years!”


And now he dare to determine,Xu Sheng’s spirit power may have reached Title Douluo when he awakened.!
otherwise,It’s absolutely impossible that someone just awakened the Martial Soul,You can cultivate to Title Douluo level normally in only three years!
Next to him, Xiao Wu squeezed the palm of the former,His face gradually turned pale,Staring at Tang Sandao pleadingly“Third brother,Or let’s leave here!”
If it was before,I have no scruples,But if there is a Title Douluo around!
Your identity will be seen in an instant!
Her real body is a hundred thousand year soul beast,There is no need to say how much the temptation is for the titled Douluo level powerhouse!
And my mother was brutally killed because of this!!
Tang San, who had recovered, looked at Xiao Wu with a pale face,Hug her into your arms,Anxiously“Xiao Wu……what happened to you?”
Xiao Wu couldn’t tell how to answer Tang San,If you say your identity。
I’m afraid that Tang San, who is closest to him, will hate him too?
Xiao Wu didn’t speak,Just buried his head in Tang San’s chest……
Nothing more,If Xu Sheng really wants to do it,Then she would never resist……Let Xiao San down……
Zhu Zhuqing’s eyes flickered a little clear now,Only then did I understand that Dai Mubai would be strange before,Desperately grabbing my palm……
My impression of Dai Mubai gradually rose a bit……
Dai Mubai didn’t notice these little details,The corner of his mouth twitched and looked at Xu Sheng……
He knows Xu Sheng is better than himself,buttmThe ghost knows he is Title Douluo,It’s not a star and a half better than yourself!
But in the Xingluo Empire, they are all powerhouses who cannot be counted by one hand.!