“It’s hard to believe Mr. Ma, you have to believe it too,Because I did it independently,Can’t copyright registration and certification explain the problem??”Wang Yufei replied dullly。


“But I still hope that classmate Wang can give me more certain proof before signing the contract,This is not too much?。”Ma Huaide smiled and said。
“Ok,Source code8Row、First88Row、First888Row,The beginning of the code isWYFThree letters,Represents my name。This should be a proof?”Wang Yufei thought for a while,Reported his unique authentication method。
“This one……I will verify,Any more?”Ma Huaide continued to ask。
“Indeed there is。”Wang Yufei smiled。
“Oh,Appreciate further details!”Ma Huaide picked up the cup,Sip,Watching Wang Yufei’s attitude carefully。
The teenager looked sideways at Lu Yuxin, who was quiet,Hesitated for a moment,Then slowly said:“Is my software installed on the phone?”
“It happened to be installed on the phone that Secretary Luo brought。”Ma Huaide nodded。
Is here for this,Of course, the preparations are well done。
“Installed Android orIOS?”Wang Yufei looks at Secretary Luo。
“Two mobile phones,Both have。”Secretary Luo answered immediately。
“Ok,I tell you this hidden little easter egg,But you have to promise me,Before i announce,Please don’t promote。”Wang Yufei made a small request。
“I can guarantee this!”Ma Huaide said immediately。
“Ok,Just sayIOSOf,Secretary Luo, you can imitateIOSEnter the settings in the system,Privacy interface,Compared with the original version, one more label isSPGOptions,Default is off,You open it first。”
“opened!”Secretary Luo completed the operation very quickly。