“okay,Let’s stop selling it,What’s wrong with what my daughter and son did,I will pay for them,Hope you have a lot of,Don’t be familiar with them,Please go and help my daughter see her illness,I am someone,Grateful。”


Mo Ziqin said calmly,Then stretched out,Made a please pose,There is still a hint of arrogance in the words。
“Director Mo,If i remember correctly,What I told your son was asking for words,Not please?”Mo Xiaosheng glanced at him,Look indifferent。
“Mo Xiaosheng,I tell you,Don’t go too far!”Mo Ziqin said with a cold face,He can come up personally to invite Mo Xiaosheng,It’s already a big face。
“Since you insisted, please,Then I naturally have the right to refuse,Sorry,I have no time now,Director Mo,Please go back。”Mo Xiaosheng also made a please gesture。
Mo Ziqin’s chest hurts,Looking at him coldly,Eyes full of cruelty,Hands shivering slightly。
Twenty years!No one dared to live like this to him in twenty years!A little Mo Xiaosheng dared to be so arrogant in front of him!
But when I think of my daughter,He had to pressure the fire down,Shen Sheng:“Mo Ziqin,begging!Mr. Mo went to see the little girl!”
He specifically aggravated“begging”Word pronunciation,Feel the whole heart trembling。
“it is good!I will give Director Mo this face today!”Mo Xiaosheng straightened his chest,Smug smile。
What he wants is this result,No matter how powerful his Mohist school is,No matter how high the status is,now,Still beg to him honestly“Mo Xiaosheng”On the head!
Mo Xiaosheng went to the hospital and got the medicine kit,And went to the hospital with Mo Ziqin,After greeting Dou Lao,,So he hurried into the ward,Mo Yanyan is in critical condition after all,No delay。
After Mo Yanyan saw Mo Xiaosheng,It’s not as aggressive as before,Head down,Some dare not look at Mo Xiaosheng。
Mo Xiaosheng ignored her either,Checked her wound,Then I asked Zhao Zhong for paper and pen,Alihong is written on the recipe、Andrographis、Ten flavor herbs such as Seven Star Sword,Then hand it to Zhao Zhong,Let him order people to grab medicine。
Dou Lao couldn’t help being stunned after seeing the content on the recipe,Hurriedly reminded:“Mo Xiaoyou,The amount of medicine on your prescription,Seems too big?Eat so much,Kills。”