“I think the single room is not so good,”Fang Hao hesitated,“There should be another hall,I can watch TV while eating,There is a place to sit when someone comes。Also need to have a separate toilet and balcony,At least a washing machine。”


Think about it,Said again:“One bedroom and one living room are a bit small,Now those one-bedroom houses are very small,There is no place to put the closet,It’s better to have two bedrooms and one living room,It’s more relaxed,There is also a place for guests to arrange accommodation。”
Ye Wenwen whispered:“Two rooms and one living room are definitely better than single rooms,But the rent is too expensive,Even if you rent a farmer’s house,It takes more than two thousand a month,Plus water and electricity,Maybe three thousand。”
Farmer houses refer to those houses built by local people in villages in the city,The living environment is worse,Of course the rent will be cheaper,Most have no elevator。
And the so-called two rooms and one hall,The room area is relatively small。
But they can only afford to rent a farmer’s house,Commodity house in Hongjing Garden,Monthly rent for two bedrooms and one living room,That’s five thousand up。
“Then three thousand a month,”Fang Hao said,“For two people,I won’t make three thousand in a month.?”
Ye Wenwen had to object,But by Fang Hao“Two people”The statement made my heart move,Said:“OK then,After i get off work today,The two of us went to look around the house,Two rooms and one living room,As long as the price is not outrageous,Good living environment,Rent it out。Rent half of us each。”
Suddenly figured it out——Isn’t it just spending more money??
Can change to a better living environment,Able to live with the people you like,How about spending more money?
It’s not about borrowing money to live a good life,I just feel a little nervous,But can get a better quality of life,It’s worth it。
Can’t make so much money now,Then work hard to make money。
Fang Hao wanted to say the rent out,But think about it,I may not be able to become a Hanshen menswear model,Don’t talk so full。
Wait until I really become an advertising model for this brand,After confirming that the income is substantial,It’s not too late to say this。
Two people reached a consensus on this matter,All very happy。
It’s not a matter of living together,Mainly the living environment and diet structure can be well improved。