So the match between these two people naturally attracted a lot of attention。


The game hasn’t started yet,The gunpowder has filled。
Before the game, Wiggins and Xu Xuan’s talk to each other can make these media reporters have an addiction.。
Usually,Xu Xuan and Wiggins are both kind of gentle people,Who can think of this encounter,Can actually make such a spark?
They have moved the small bench and melon seeds,Just wait for the good show to start!
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First146chapter Dry husky!(4KChapters for subscription!)(Make up2/11)
Since this season,The record of the Minnesota Timberwolves is5Win20negative,Ranked second in the league!
Only higher than Philadelphia76people!
For them, the record is not that important,After all, all the team’s star players are packed and sent away. You say they have any other ideas and don’t exist.!
Wolves’ management is very optimistic about their future“Gou Sheng”。
They just want to show up,If you are lucky, you might get it together“Triple champion combination”,Even Bennett is a parallel importer,But even“Double champion combination”It looks wonderful too, doesn’t it?
This is“Huskies”Self-appreciation,They are very optimistic,So optimistic that I even want to laugh.
Wiggins:I haven’t put down my cup, you still want to rise?Dreaming?!
“Andrew,In this game, our team will create enough one-on-one opportunities for you,You can show your best offensive and waterproof skills in front of American fans!”
“I am looking forward!”
Target Center Arena,The audience is full today。