“Who asked us to send money here?”


Ade went straight to a kid,Straightforward question。
“Money brought?Two hundred thousand?”
The kid looked up and down Ade,Ask nonchalantly。Ad has a good vision,This kid is the leader of these little gangsters。
“I brought the money,But I’m afraid you dare not take it。”
Ade said coldly。
“grass,Uncle dare to even grab the bank,I still don’t dare to take money?Who the hell do you look down on?”
The kid said disdainfully。
“Listen up,This money is from the Dechang dealer,Who are you brave enough,Just come and get the money。”
Ade finished,I just got the password box on the ground,And opened the lid of the box,Exposed the 200,000 cash in it。
“You are the dealer?”
Unexpectedly, the kid in front of him asked with an unbelievable expression。
“I am Ad from Dechang Banker。”
Adrian answered calmly,A sneer on his face。