“Those girls……Too enthusiastic?”


Pulling two girls all the way out of the playground,Seeing no one around,Lin En finally took a breath。
The scene just now,Makes him still a little scared。
If this girl becomes enthusiastic,,It’s even scarier than boys!
“It’s not because Lynn you are so popular?”
After stopping,Lynn has subconsciously released the wrists of the two girls。
But his lingering expression,But the garden with a blush on his cheeks can’t help but spit out。
Although she has a lot of real feelings about Lynn’s popularity,But now she found out,I still underestimated Lynn’s charm。
“Dare to love it’s my fault?”
Yuanzi’s Tucao,Makes Lynn very speechless。
But look at the time,He also knows that he cannot continue to argue on this topic。
“All right,Let’s go back to class。”
“The class meeting is about to start,Never go,We are really going to be late。”
The PE class ends this afternoon,Is the once a week class meeting time。
Although nothing big,But under the auspices of the head teacher Hiratsuka,No one dares to miss this class meeting。
Listen to what Lynn said,Xiaolan and Yuanzi nodded immediately,I didn’t mention the fact that the two were held by the wrists.。
After all you need to know。
Mr. Hiratsuka is very good,But once the fire starts,That’s also really scary。
Immediately,The three of us hurry back to class,I just sat in my seat,Hiratsuka’s figure appeared at the door。
“what happened?Where’s that guy Kudo?I remember he came to class today?”