Teacher Jin said that this person Peng Changyi knows,His name is Jin Mingzu。If you can ask him to polish it up,That would be great,But he suppressed his excitement,Said:“Can someone help?”


“Ha ha,You have to ask Xiaotong this question。”Teacher Jin said。
“Ask me why,I’m looking for your old man,Don’t even bother me。”Ye Tong is still thinking about it。
Peng Changyi quickly clasped his fists,I’m trying hard at her,Said:“Grandma Ye Jiagu calmed down。”
“Hahaha!”Everyone laughed。
Ye Tong glared at him,Said:“Am i that old?Can’t even shoot。”
“Xiaotong,Don’t be unreasonable,Changyi and they came overnight,not easy。”Teacher Jin came forward and sat down with grandma。
Ye Tong said:“Uncle,People are here to find you,Why did you push me here?”
Peng Changyi quickly got up and poured wine for Ye Tong。
Ye Tong is not ignorant,She hurriedly stood up,Said:“The etiquette is wrong again,How can you pour it to me first?”Talking,Snatched the wine glass from Peng Changyi,I’m going to fill my uncle。
Teacher Jin put his hand on the cup and said:“Changyi,We can’t drink tonight,When I met with President Jin, his mouth full of alcohol was not appropriate。”
“Row,I owe the teacher a meal。”Peng Changyi said。