“LeBlanc,how about it?”


Coach Lu is nervous now,Between life and death,Just one step away,Coach Lu’s dream of winning the championship,I don’t want to collapse here。
“Carey,”James was silent for a while,Did not return him,But turned to look at Irving and Love,Seriously:“And Kevin,Second half,I will take the initiative to run for you,Don’t think about anything,Get the ball just do it,I will create every opportunity for you,What you have to do is,Just throw the ball in your hand,To score,Go fuck them!”
“They want to play with me,Then play with them slowly!coach,I won’t take a break in the second half,Hold me?Didn’t it stop me!”
Old Zhan waved his fist,He was also agitated!
He was dragged,Exhausted,so what?
In order to hold him down, the Pacers,Consume him,I used three or four people including pickled peppers。
From an exchange perspective,The Cavaliers not only do not lose,Why did you make a big hit?。
After all, even the walkers are not human,Pickled pepper finally?
Another core of the Pacers。
One of the two pillars,To hold him,It’s dead too。
Second half,James did everything he could to continue to hold down the Pacers to create opportunities for Irving and Love。
And the Pacers were dragged by so many people,The only chance they can win is Xu Xuan。