But she was angry Luo Ting,Angry she hit her,Although full of hatred for Xia Jihan,But I never thought of adding fists to her,Objectively speaking,Except for Xia Jihan’s ex-wife Tian Ying,She still admires her,Not much talk,And after robbing her husband,,She never said anything insulting her。


First224chapter Telepathy between loved ones
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Actually I talked to Xia Jihan that day,Li Lisha is mentally prepared,Ready to accept the humiliation of Xia Jihan,But this woman doesn’t,I don’t know if she can’t do it, or she feels ashamed, or she just slumped down the donkey,She didn’t say anything like this,If it was Li Lisha, she would never do it。
Li Lisha felt Luo Ting was too much,After Xia Jihan is gone,Li Lisha questioned Luo Ting:“Why don’t you say so?Why hit her?”
Luo Ting became angry,Livid,She sat down,Glared at Li Lisha,no answer。Thought,This woman,It’s almost defiant,Arrogant,Shouldn’t it be hit?She ignored Li Lisha’s question at all,This shallow woman in front of me,Not worthy to talk to her!
Li Lisha seems to understand the disdain in Luo Ting’s eyes,She was also a little bit ashamed and angry,How to say,She colluded with Luo Ting to deal with Xia Jihan and it was dishonorable,Besides, I saw the contempt in Luo Ting’s eyes,While Xia Jihan was humiliated,,She also felt that she was humiliated to some extent。
So she questioned Luo Ting loudly:“Who told you to beat her?You can reason with her,Why beating!I can’t live in Ducheng like this?”
Luo Ting sneered after listening to her,Still didn’t answer her,She doesn’t care about her at all,Sitting there thinking what to do next。When Li Lisha just wanted to say something to Luo Ting,Tian Yin appeared。
Do not know why,When I saw Tian Yan came to speak for Xia Jihan,The pitiful sympathy for her just now vanished.,Jealous,Just said that vicious thing to Tian Ying,Despite being caught by Tian Yin’s mouth,Although she didn’t spare him,Caught him and bleeds。
But Li Lisha felt that she did not win today’s game,It’s not Luo Ting or her Li Lisha that won,But the little southern woman who walked out with her face in tears。
Li Lisha was at a loss for a moment。