otherwise,How terrible the end is,Unimaginable。


did not expect。
Yuanjia Road is narrow,Actually ran into him here。
It’s no wonder that I can overturn a dozen of my little brothers in one go,Not panting yet。
He was originally calm,A little flustered,I even started breathing quickly。
“Brother Onion,You order,What should I do……”
“As long as you give an order,Brothers do it right away!”
With lessons learned。
and so,When a few people arrive,I have guys on me。
A black man behind,Talking,I touched my right hand into my underwear,Make a gesture of shooting the gun at any time。
And seeing it。
Yellow Tiger Mother and Son,Spring breeze,Someone finally helped me out,Wait a while and kill this kid,Put Song Lingling this little bitch on the bed first,Tidy up。
Song Hyea and Song Lingling,Panic,It’s too late to escape now,the best way,Beg for mercy,Regardless of the apology or whatever,As long as Ye Tianzong is safe and sound,They are willing to do anything。
after all。
He is for himself。
Without waiting for them to take further action。
After asking before then,The man in black who was going to draw a gun,Suddenly got a slap in the face!