At this moment,Zhu Guoqing’s cell phone rang,Zhu Guoqing quickly put it on his ear,Just listen to him:“Ok,Got it,We are at the intersection。”


Obviously,Secretary Liao is here。
Zhu Guoqing pointed to Old Gu’s car club impatiently and said:“Drive this car aside,Free up parking space for leaders。”
Old Gu drove the car to the end of their car。
five minutes later,A police car drove over,Four Audi cars behind,There is also an interview vehicle for Jinan TV Station。Obviously, Behind the police car is the provincial party secretary’s car。
TV reporters showed good professionalism,I aimed the camera at the team a long time ago。
Zhu Guoqing rushed to the front of Peng Changyi to greet him。
Peng Changyi didn’t care about him,But to follow him。
But Zhu Guoqing walked to Secretary Liao’s car but hesitated,He doesn’t know if it is appropriate for him to drive the door to the secretary of the provincial party committee。
Obviously,The secretary of the provincial party committee inside gave them time to hesitate。
At this moment,Secretary Shao Yu took a few steps,Come to the car door,Opened the back door for Secretary Liao。
at the same time,Yue Xiao also followed Shao Yu,He saw Peng Changyi at a glance,Subconsciously frowned,But the attention quickly shifted to Secretary Liao。
Secretary Liao got out of the car,There was another person who came out of Secretary Liao’s car,Is the deputy secretary of the Jinan Municipal Party Committee、Secretary of the Supervisory City Committee Guan Hao。Obviously,Guan Hao has completed the report task,Accompany the secretary to the next stop。
After Secretary Liao came down,Move your arms,Stand by the road,Looking in the direction of downtown Kangzhou,Everyone’s eyes follow the provincial party committee secretary,I also looked at the downtown area of Kangzhou。
Later,Secretary Liao turned around,Said to the crowd behind:“Is Peng Changyi back??”