Wen Sheng comforted for a long time,This makes his little lover smile again。


Accompanying two women for one morning,After initially letting the two get along,Li Chenfeng couldn’t wait to start retreating again。
But this time he was in retreat not for cultivation,But preparing to refining seven phantom blue spirits,Wake up。
Nalanjie and his son also knew about this,So I told outsiders not to disturb,This made Xiao Yanran, who had finally met her brother, very upset,But she didn’t dare to disobey her father and grandpa’s orders,I can only play with Yafei and Xiao Yu。
As for Xiao Yan,Although Li Chenfeng has almost completely left him behind,But Mrs. Nalan did not ignore this person who might be her future son-in-law,After learning about the Xiao family,Let him arrange a small courtyard,And sent many servants to serve。
of course,This is also thanks to his successful development of vindictiveness at a young age,Showed his talent,Let the Nalan family see enough value from him,Otherwise it’s another story……
Nalan family practice stone room。
Sitting at the table,Li Chenfeng stared straight at this beautiful plant,After a long while,Just took a long breath。
to be frank,For the old medicine here,Li Chenfeng doesn’t know what the other party will do when he wakes up。After all, even if only the soul remains,That’s also comparable to Douzong level strength。
Who knows if the other party will treat himself like Xiao Yan treated in the original book。
According to the description in the novel,Yao Lao woke up three years ago,I have been observing Xiao Yan for three years,It can be said that I already know him very well,Only then did I have the idea of accepting disciples。
I just rescued him now,Will the other party doubt that he has any other purpose and kill himself directly??
Think about the eleventh ranked bone spirit cold fire,My small body can’t stand this level of flame!
Slowly calmed down the chaotic thoughts,Li Chenfeng carefully closed the windows,Come to the table,Staring at the seven magical blue spirits that are constantly changing colors,Palm stroke,A red medicine pot,Appeared on the desktop。