“how is this possible?Just his big brother Kobe,I also had a fight with Reggie Miller.,Punished at the end2Game ban!Shen Huan hasn’t fight yet,Besides, he is still a victim,NBAWon’t punish him。”


“Correct!Should be the responsibility of the Trail Blazers,Even if Shen Huan has hands-on,Also fight back。At most one race,Maybe even one game won’t be banned!”
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First539chapter Self-imposed punishment!?
Many people watching the game,On the one hand, gossip is very,Said that this conflict is full of joy。
Someone even posted the video to the oil pipe right away,Quickly aroused a large number of onlookers of non-basketball fans。
On the other hand they are also sighing,No matter what happens nextNBAWhat to do,The Lakers game hangs。
The Trail Blazers’ ace double star did not move,There is also Alan Crabbe as the main force,The remaining two players come up,Dangdang assist or something,No problem。
But the Lakers are different。
Shen Huan is not only powerful on the offensive end,On the defensive end, it’s also very good。
47Minute、21Assists、13Rebounds、26Steals、19Block this data,For two people,A leading offense,A dominant defense,They are all enough to be called first-class players。
Not to mention that Shen Huan is on the court48minute,Extremely powerful shock,Are enough to make the opponent lose blood10%,Let your own players increase blood10%。
Now it’s up to see if Kobe and Iverson can play.!