Later, I even went to the Lou City Institute of Science and Technology to see his girlfriend,See the result,It’s quite different from what I imagined,The girl’s height155,A look of malnutrition,Facial features are also mediocre,At least in my opinion, it has nothing to do with beauty,So this can only be explained as beauty in the eyes of the lover。


Since Liang Xiaotian likes games so much,And also learn computer,It shouldn’t be difficult to make a game plug-in,Even if he can’t,Aren’t there so many classmates??Isn’t there a teacher??With a plug-in,It’s easy and enjoyable to start a goldsmithing studio。
There is still a long time before dinner,The two came to the city sports center where they often played football,Found a place to sit down。
I asked:“Are you still talking to Ma Zi??Is there a new one??”
Liang Xiaoyoudao:“Dude is very affectionate, okay,How is it possible to do such a thing。”
I took out a gold necklace from my pocket,To Liang Xiaotiandao:“I just confirm,Just fine,This is my gift to you Ma Zi,You pass it on。”
Liang Xiaotian looked at the gold necklace and suddenly smiled,Said:“Your kid is a cell phone again,Gold necklace again,Didn’t you rob the bank??Caught by then,Don’t confess me,I accept it passively。”
I waved my fist,Smash this kid,This kid jumped up and avoided,And smiled:“joke,joke,Just kidding,Where did you get rich??”
I can’t tell him the real experience,But this time the explanation is much simpler,Just push it on your parents:“Didn’t my family do business last year??Business is pretty good now,Made a lot,I bought you a mobile phone for a purpose,Not for free。I bought many necklaces at home,I took one out,Don’t go out and talk nonsense。”
Liang Xiaotian said:“Have a cell phone,It’s a necklace again,Who said he was stupid,Speak,what is your purpose?”
I said:“The legend is so hot now,All kinds of high-end equipment are in short supply,This is a pretty big business opportunity,I expect the legend will continue to be popular for several years,The plug-ins on the market have also studied it, not particularly good,If you learn the computer as a plug-in, it shouldn’t be a big problem, right??Do you plan to be a goldsmith studio??”
Liang Xiaotian’s eyes lit up,Then the distressed Tao:“Don’t you say,Some experts in our school have studied these plug-ins,But i don’t know how to do,Ask him to do it for others,I can keep myself,Where is so much money!The same goes for Dajin Studio,Need a lot of computers,No Money!”
“So you know why I bought you a phone,You like to play games anyway,As a brother,I invest in you8Ten thousand yuan,Go find someone to do it,Open the studio。Can the content of the studio be enriched?,You can sell gold coins,Sell equipment,Can the plug-in be sold as well??”
“I rely on,investment8Ten thousand yuan,Then you can really open the gold studio,People don’t need to find,Just a few people in our dorm,buy6Computer!”Liang Xiaotian counted happily:“You can recruit the plug-in directly,If it doesn’t work, find my mentor,You have a good idea,Well done,Really a good selling point。”
I seriously patted Liang Xiaotian on the shoulder and said:“I invest in you,One is when you are a brother,Second, I don’t want to see the decadence of playing games all day.,Since you like to play games, use games as a tool to make money,This goldsmithing studio focuses on you,I account30%Shares of,You must do it seriously,It’s definitely an opportunity for you,I won’t ask you to pay back if I fail,But if you fail, I won’t help you like this again。”
Liang Xiaotian said seriously:“thank you,Since you support me so much,I must open the studio,And open it。”
Things are done,The two went to the bank,I turned810,000 yuan to Liang Xiaotian,Then Liang Xiaotian went to China Mobile to apply for a calling card,Charged up,After leaving each other’s mobile phone numbers, we separated and went home。
thirty-one、Tianfeng Studio was established